Innovation is at the core of ONTAP's DNA.

By harnessing new and emerging technologies, particularly those that offer environmental benefits, we efficiently connect more customers with better transportation services.

Not only are we sharing our ethos of environmental awareness with our range of hybrid vehicles, including;

  • Lexus Hybrid (& plug-in technology)
  • Tesla Zero Emissions vehicles

But we are also combining reliable and powerful software and hardware platforms to deliver the ONTAP™ service to your smartphone;

  • Apple iOS devices used by ONTAP™ Drivers
  • PCI DSS compliant payment gateway provider
  • Blackberry BES10 Mobile Device Management (MDM) security software 

You can be assured, whether using ONTAP as an individual or as a business, we take your security seriously and will also ensure the highest levels of data and transactional security are maintained. 

In fact we guarantee the security levels, in relation to your businesses data, that are comparable with;

  • World Leaders & Governments
  • Military (US - UK - AUS & much of Europe)
  • Banking (almost all major financial institutions)